Monday, July 4, 2011

Christians: Ignorant, or just plain Stupid? PART 1

Which one are we really? Is it that we most of the times don't know what we are saying because we don't know (and often times scared to admit that there are some things we just don't understand), or is it because we are just plain stupid?

If there is anything I can appreciate from a Deist, it's the fact that Reason is primarily important to him. Reason is a gift from God himself and it should be used (however, not in excess as the Deist does because then he places his entire trust on his reason, rather than admitting that there are things he himself doesn't and probably might never understand, as long as we are in this physical realm) This is where the clash between me and a Deist will then be. The spiritual controls the physical, but a Deist only appreciate and value that physical part of the world.

Anyways, on the opposite end of the spectrum are people who value the spiritual to the extent that the physical is ignored. Yes, the spiritual controls the physical, but rather than acknowledging both sides, it seems that TOO much attention is paid to the spiritual (if any such thing is ever possible). This is not to say that this is anything bad in itself, but we are advised to be moderate. We can't be too spiritual without paying attention to how our spirituality affect our physicality. God made us a WHOLE BEING, complete in emotional, spiritual, social, physical, and whatever else -al configuration. Neglecting any area of this can be considered disrespect to the Creator, I would assume (or I might be wrong, and I won't be hesitant to say that).

So, why exactly have I said this?

It's a recent trend I've noticed and it's nothing other than Christians vs Homosexuals.

Now let's talk, hehehe. Grab a seat. Honestly though, I'm not laughing...cos it's getting stale and annoying. Why is it annoying to me, you might probably be wondering? Well because this is Homophobia (which I don't think anyone should practice, let alone by we who call ourselves Christian - followers of Christ that is). Back to acknowledging a quality of the Deist, Homophobia is defined as an unREASONing  fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals. Can we at least make the Deist proud by reasoning for a second. Most people can't tell you why they even HATE homosexuals!

Homophobia is also defined as intense hatred or fear of homosexuals. Why should we fear, why should we hate? I don't know, but one thing I do know is that the bible clearly warns us against those two things. Wait, am I saying we should not HATE sin? Of course not! You won't find me preaching another doctrine. Hating sin is clearly written all over the bible and I dare not go against that.

However, on an almost bipolar spectrum it seems, we are also encouraged to LOVE. Now, is this the kind of love that encourages sin, NO! What kind of love? Or better yet, what is this love? Love is demonstrated by God in this: while we were YET SINNERS, Christ DIED for us! (Romans 5:8). What human can express that kind of LOVE? Ponder on this. Let's ponder on this, especially as we have been called to exhibit the kind of Love that Christ exhibited to people (even the ones who opposed him) while he was on earth.

It seems though this HATE for homosexuals can be mistaken for exhibiting the righteous anger of God. We are humans, he's God. However, we are instructed to love what he loves (righteousness), and HATE what he hates [SIN - not sinners (or else you should be readily eager to hate yourself too) ].

This hate for sin is to acknowledge our diligence to him (based on our PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with him, and our PERSONAL WALK with him). Personal means, Personal: intended for use by one person. Now, there are things that are intra-PERSONAL. That's because relationships are subjective and therefore we (a community of brothers and sisters in Christ across the world -called the Church - are able to experience and affirm the same things). However, it starts with the personal first.

The point is, let us take care of the log in our eyes first, rather than spending THE WHOLE OF MY TIME trying to remove the speck in my neighbors eyes. We do the second one because it seems easier, and trust me it's easy to battle others, rather than battle oneself. Now, does it mean I should not help my neighbor to remove the speck in his eyes? Well, I propose that what if we actively involve ourselves in removing the log in our own eyes, maybe the neighbor will see how diligent we are and would be encouraged to take care of the speck in his own eyes.

On a final note for this PART, Sin is Sin. No sin is greater than the other. Christ came to die for our sins (doesn't matter if you don't lie, or steal - as long as you are a descendant of Adam, well consider yourself a Sinner).

Next part will address if Homosexuals are actually born that way, or if they actually CHOOSE to become that way!

Will be expecting you back here :)


Myne Whitman said...

Interesting post. Will surely be checking back for the part 2.