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Christians: Ignorant, or just plain Stupid? PART 2

Read Part 1 before you start:

The video actually said everything I wanted to say concerning this topic, but I however will still say something. It's a poem about someone who was a STUD: the person who assumes the position of the male in lesbian relationships. A stud typically dresses more masculine, and enjoys the normal "masculine" activities : watching sports, initiating sex, etc. Basically someone who takes the more dominant roles in the relationship.

Back to the issue of "are people born gay? Or do they choose to be gay?" It's not as simple as we really do want to make it seem at times. It's very true that some people live such lifestyle based on their choices while it's also true that some are born that way.

WHAAAAT!? NOOO, they like to have sex with the same gender. Perverts! They CHOOOSE to be that way! <  That's what someone opposing me would probably say.

But hear me out: Who in the right mind (for the most percentage of the human race, cos there are few people this doesn't apply to) would want and CHOOSE to go through emotional distress, and all the pain attached to living a life where you are constantly ridiculed, ostracised and  looked down upon? Nobody wants to live that way! It's not something a rational, logical individual would want to do, unless of course they're trying to make a point (which to tell you the truth is irrational and illogical in most cases)

Now, I'll tell you as an aspiring Psychologist that we humans are not really as defined as we would like to think we are. There are obviously some tricky paths we walk in our day to day lives, some of which we are not even fully aware of. And no, I won't say that Homosexuality is a disorder, nor will I be agreeable to the fact that there is a gay gene. That's just too much of a far-fetched theory that some have concocted. The first theory about it being a disorder has been disproved for the most part, and the second as much.

As you would imagine, I'm concerned with the spiritual implications of this condition; being gay. The bible CLEARLY warns against homosexual engagements/involvements, because it's classified as A sin, not THE greatest sin. That's my stance on the issue; stance. Spewing a message of hate concerning this "sin" from the altar looks somewhat disheartening to me. If it's A sin, and not THE greatest sin, then other types of sin would be treated as equal. No greater sin. A lie is just as bad! I don't condone sin, personally in my life...and I don't want to make an excuse for it in another person's life as well. Neither do I want to condemn others being biased in my knowledge of an issue.

Again, hear me out: I've listened to sermons about how homosexuals are terrible people, and how bad homosexuality is. Such messages most of the time can boost the Drunkard, or the Gossip, or the Cheat's ego by allowing them to make statements like, "at least I'm not homosexual".

Recently, I just learned in my Social Psychology class that this is called Downward Comparison. Why do we make this kind of comparison? Well, clearly we do use this to feel better about ourselves. Most of the time, this sort of comparison is really at the center not aimed at seeking to help or understand the predicament of the other person. Now really, WHO IS THE TERRIBLE PERSON? Here's a mirror before you. Read the Bible also and see how we're commanded to treat our fellow man.

I've always held on to the belief that indeed it's possible that some people are born gay! WHAAAT!? I'll tell you about the theory I developed, consistent to Christian doctrines and beliefs that all men are born in sin: Romans 3:23 (For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God) , Psalm 51:5 (Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me). This assertion is important to us because there is no need to be proclaiming the news redemption if people are not in bondage. We sin, well  because it's in our nature to sin. This nature is due to the fact that we are descendants of Adam. (Romans 5:12)  Now, what kind of sin I do commit are subject to such factors as my upbringing, situational exposures, environmental factors, my own personal choices, biological factors sometimes, and so on. It is based on this that I decided that since we are ALL born sinners (and consistent with Christian principles that Homosexuality is a sin), there should really be no argument whether one is born gay or not.

I  listened to a message on Sunday, and my Pastor said something like this: If exposed to the right environments or conditions, you'll sin. He was talking about something different but I think it does apply to this subject. We look down on the homosexual (the practicing one: case in point) because well thankfully we are not exposed to such atmospheres that elicit such behavior. Again, a liar is just as terrible!

Christianity as I know it is personally concerned about seeking freedom from this nature of sin (this body of death as Apostle Paul calls it) as offered by the saving grace of Christ. There is a constant struggle within us to do what God would want us to do. Our sinful nature wars against us daily because it opposes our new life in the spirit; this is the life of one who lives according to the spirit and not the flesh, the life of one who has been redeemed; born again, or saved as it's popularly addressed. We are free, because we no longer live under the influences of the flesh, the flesh doesn't control us. That's the freedom that is guaranteed in Romans 8. (Also read Romans chapter 7)

Based on how someone grew up or what they've been exposed to, this struggle will be different for each person. But essentially, we are concerned about warring this sinful nature.

Now, for people who actually choose to engage in the lifestyle, well it takes somewhat of a different turn for them. Man is sinful by nature; some engage in this lifestyle intentionally to harden their minds against what they've been told all along, they intentionally want to go against the grain, against RULE or AUTHORITY that religion sometimes tend to impose. Again, I'll close with my thoughts with the quotes of Martin Luther King Jnr, that "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate..."

And this is biblical, because myself as thousands/millions of Christians likewise across the world were once opponents of God, once in darkness, doing things that are against him; it took the Revelation of his Love on the cross of Calvary to turn my (our) direction to be a lover of God. Now I can "declare the praises of him who called [me] out of darkness into his wonderful light. 1 Peter 2:9.

From Last Sunday's service, the Pastor made a resounding statement, "You can beat the skin, but you can never beat the mind. Love is transformational; it turns darkness to light" And this is possible because God is Love himself! Only two other things did the bible says God is...which are Light, and Spirit. Connect the dots :)

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