Sunday, May 13, 2012


It's Mother's Day officially.

My mother made me promise her that I was going to write a poem specially for her on Mother's I decided I was going to do a song instead, but sadly I couldn't.

Thankfully, however I recorded this poem a while back. I reference her towards the end of the poem, in the light of her being my real FIRST LOVE...even though I spent the greater part talking about this girl I met at school when I was either seven or eight.

I'm really glad about Mother's Day because it's a Day set aside to honor the labor of mothers you know? I think it is a lot to be grateful about!

At church today, few of the women will be doing a drama (which I was opportune to write) that highlights the necessity of the wife/mother being a Proverbs 31 type of woman....which my mother is. It's all so relevant.

So without much delay, enjoy the poem...and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!


@ilola said...

Happy mothers day to your mum. I am sure your mum is proud of you.

aeWHYoh said...

Thank you Atilola :)