Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I don't want to make this post any longer than necessary, so...

It's June 17, 2012 and in this part of the world where I am it's Father's day. I decided to be as vulnerable as I possibly could, and sentimental too if you may...and wrote my Dad a poem. I haven't written him anything, or dedicated anything to me since I started writing. So here goes:

For all that you are, and
All that you do, you deserve an
A, because of your sacrifice, and
All that you've had to let go, for my sake, and
your family's, and
B, for putting up with me
for all these years, and
C, I'll have you know that
If I could, I would
but you that which your heart desires the most
And I hope you know
That even though I hardly show
in my actions, or through words that
And I'm grateful
that you are
My Dad!
Love, your son,
To read the backdrop of this poem, and to better understand possibly why I think it's significant enough to blog about. Head on over to here >>>

I mean, I said the words I LOVE YOU to him, for the first time ever. And he said Thank you! That's got to be something, you'd agree!


@ilola said...

Eeyaaa. Now am gonna cry. *sobs*

Anonymous said...

@ilola, Abeg make you no cry oh. Thanks for stopping by :)

P.E.T. Projects said...

Im still not sure if i'll ever go past just appreciating poems.
I cant seem to write any!

i hope you showed papa this?

Anonymous said...

Poetry is awesome!!! And yes oh, I did show him. If you click the link, you'll see a picture of the card I wrote the poem in. And thanks for stopping by P.E.T :)

LovePaprika said...

love the other post

Anonymous said...

LovePaprika, I saw your comment and I really do appreciate it :) Thanks!

LovePaprika said...

Thanks for stopping by... As to join the friend thing it's on the right side of my blog lol I think...maybe I need a simple template o