Sunday, October 7, 2012


Hello followers :)

I hope your weekend was awesome. Mine to a certain extent was.

A while ago today, I posted this on Facebook...

“So, I feel like I've written enough crap to qualify as a writer. All writers (the good ones anyways) know that the goal is to “keep writing crap until others start to find genius in your crap.” (Yeah, dumb logic right? Writers are quite a dumb specie you see!) Anyways, for the whole of this week starting from tomorrow, I’ll be sharing some of the crap…and the few gems as well that I've written on this blog here:"

We’ll call this #blogweek.

Should be fun, join me :)

In the meantime, before tomorrow, check out this video below in honor of Nigeria's 52nd Independence that was on the first of this month.