Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Year!!!! Goals, Changes, etc.

Happy New Year!!!! It's better late than never, they say! And hey, yes, I'm still alive :) I do apologize though for my inactivity on this blog. It's kind of surprising that people actually still visit here or even pay attention to the blog. See, it's a new year, and I've learned a lot. It's easy to make a promise/commitment, and it's even easier to break it. A promise I'm tempted to make of course is that I'll be diligent in updating the blog, BUT...

NO, I won't make any such promises, all I'll attempt to do is try as much as I can to make the blog active. I'll post pictures of pussies erm, cats. And dogs, other furry (not necessarily) creatures that might be seen as cute, videos that make me laugh, or cry, or inspire me, poems (of my own as well as others), my attempts at writing stories, and of course occasionally when it calls for it, I'll pen down a few or two things that I happen to be thinking about as I've been known to do in times past. Heck, maybe I'll even get myself to review music, movies, books and stuff.

So, here's to a new year, and a new approach. I just overall look forward to what the year holds really.

Last year, on my 22nd birthday, I decided to make a draft of goals I hope to achieve for my 22nd year, before I turned 23. Yikes, I feel old!!!

I've failed already for some of the goals. And I've rewarded myself for those failures. Weird, right? So, I've decided it's wise to make a few adjustments, but the goals remain the same.

Clicking the picture will direct you to my WORDPRESS BLOG - Of Dreams and Deeds. It's a project I'm involved in with the aim of tracking and documenting the small steps we take (me primarily) - our "deeds" - in the journey towards accomplishing our dreams, some of which we've had since we were kids. Because of certain circumstances, we decide to "grow up" and we stop dreaming! I on the other hand haven't stopped yet, or at the very least trying not to, and the blog is my testament to that! Read more ABOUT this in the ABOUT SECTION OF THE BLOG.

With that said, it'll be a pleasure, if I can get some followers over there, so we can all continue that conversation about dreams and visions. I promise it'll be worth it!

Again, happy new year and thank you all for reading in times past.

I'm actually deciding to changing the url of the blog (to, and the name too. It's all in the attempt to get used to my name, self and everything that I am; outside of aliases, monikers or screen names.... You know the new year, new you thing? Maybe that has something to do with it... or not.

Well, I am Ayokunle Falomo and I approve this message.


Myne Whitman said...

Happy New Year!

AFalomo said...

Sorry that this is coming late, Happy New Year Ms Myne :)