Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jos Riots

In the spirit of my renewed desire to start writing something each day, I have decided to post here a poem that I wrote during the tumultuous period in Nigeria, about the Jos riots. 

See or you could just google for 2010 Jos riots. 

It was indeed terrible, you should have seen pictures of the aftermath, lives were wasted, and I indeed had something to say then, my heart was poured out, onto a paper, but now it's being transferred from paper to computer, so here goes:

Jos, oh Jos, I thought I knew you so well
Celebrities; actors, models, singers, you gave birth to
Respectable men and women, we've heard of them all
Your sons and daughters, did they not feed you?
No food, so the monster in you had to wake up?
And what made me think you were a vegetarian?
But recently, I heard about your craving for meat
But then should it have been men, women, children?
You turned a cannibal, mind to tell me when?
The cries of agony from the blood of the innocent
You had to cause pain, why were you sent?
Children, overnight, you turned orphans
For the heat to cool down, it'll require a million fans
Wives turned widows, look at the damage
Be free to look out your windows
OH! I forgot, houses were burned to the ground
How sad to think you would commit these atrocities
It's a shame that one of our beloved cities
Would allow for such ridiculous extremities
Pain, bodies damaged beyond recognition and yet for God you did it
Hmm! Aren't we all waiting for that Judgement day we so much beleive in?
When every man will be rewarded, it'll be a surprise
That your crowns will not be for how many souls you've destroyed
Or how many's dreams you've managed to leave shattered and broken
I may speak until tomorrow, and you'll never hear my voice
But I won't stop, until peace, you make your choice!

Ayokunle Falomo (C) 2010.


Tee Akindele said...

Hmmm... tragic and shameful occurrences in those Jos villages, and everybody is just wondering when we would see the end of it. Good Poetry, well done friend.

Fellow Writer (Ayokunle Falomo) said...

All we can do is Hope and Pray for peace and restoration, my brother.

Kukogho Samson said...

very tragic. you have written well. i only wish people will open their eyes and see what they are doing

aeWHYoh: Fellow Writer said...

Thanks for reading Samson, really appreciate it. We can only wish, and pray, and hope that people do open their eyes. It's sad!