Thursday, March 3, 2011

Xperience --- An Enlightened Opportunity

I would have posted about this experience for a while now, just haven't really had the time to do that...

Ok, so on February 11th to 13th, I was away from home (doesn't really happen often)...and that's one of the reasons I wanted to join the program too...It was a Leadership Institute....I realized it was an opportunity of a life-time, it doesn't happen that often...

So yeah, Friday, we gathered together submitted forms we had filled out earlier on, and got ourselves ready for the trip. Interestingly, I knew about the program like the 31st of January, and application was due on the 1st of February...Yup. Now, I'm looking back, and thanking God for that, cos I would have missed it...but good thing I would not have an idea what I would have missed anyways, ....but well, I'm just looking back and seeing all those beautiful moments I would have missed....well, God is awesome, you'll agree.

Anyways, continuing.... Before the journey started, I made a friend, from Liberia, and we started talking...He's a very cool dude, young, like me, but has accomplished a lot, I'm kinda jealous of that though, but he's someone I totally, the journey started...and withing about 45 minutes, we were there. 

It was a country setting, you know, creeks, and lakes and ponds, and woods, and oh yes....SNAKES, ahaha. More about that later anyways.

So we took our stuffs into the cabin, and soon, it was time for the first session of the day...actually It was cool way of introducing ourselves, played a few games, really FUN. And yes, after that, there was dinner, and it was time to retire to our cabins.

YES, like I promised, SNAKES..... the girls could not sleep in their cabin, well, because they found some of them came into our cabin.....No one was sleeping yet actually, cos we were playing different games, you know....well I don't know what the others were playing, but I was playing Scrabble, lol. 
I met different people, shared different opinions, gained (more) insight about people, developed relationships, strengthened myself, recognized my weakness(es), learned (a lot) from others, overall it was a wonderful experience, there were fun moments, a WHOLE LOT of laughs, there were moments that stood out, like really really STOOD OUT.... but overall, it was pleasant. I would do it again, if I had to. 

The main point of the program was for us to be able to develop our Personal Leadership Philosophy. This basically means your own definition of what a leader is supposed to be. We spent the entire weekend learning more about ourselves so that we can truthfully state what Leadership means to us, personally. Hence, everybody's statement would be different. Here's mine:

"I am passionately committed to the search for truth, i.e, finding flaws and errors, acknowledging that there are, and finding the best possible ways to fixing them.
This desire/search brings out my values. These are objectivity, open-mindedness, adaptability to varying circumstances, and awareness of strengths and weaknesses, both in myself, as well as others. 
 By not denying these strengths, as well as weaknesses in myself and others, I am able to make decision effectively, since everyone's capability is explored, in order to work towards a common goal.
This is important to me because it gives me a sense of self-fulfillment. Although it seems selfish on the surface, it is an approach that is devoted to finding the best possible means to an end, since my fulfillment depends on having the best outcome. This propels me to hold on to values and standards that will stand the test of time, i.e, unshakeable at any time; being aware that truth is constant, no matter what."

On my way back, I was chatting with another friend I had made about so many things I was interested in. Cool thing was these were things he was interested in as well. We had most things in common, and although looking at both of us, you would say, there is no way we possibly could, you had to listen to our conversation to realize that we don't both have to look alike, or come from the same location, or come from the same background in order for us to have much in common.

I was happy with myself, because it's one of the greatest decision I think I've ever made, to either go, and explore new territories, meet new people, or stick with the routine(which I hate more than anything)....but again, I'm really exhilarated. It was a learning experience, and like I said, I would do it all over again!

I mean you have to realize that there is much more to say, but I am actually short of words, because I can't put the experience I had into words, it's just not possible, lol. 

Here are pictures; few of them that I could get from the Xperience.


Myne Whitman said...

Nice narrative, you took me along with you, and then you had to cut it off. :)

Have a great weekend.

Fellow Writer (Ayokunle Falomo) said...

Yeah, I was in the library when I wrote this actualy, was rushing... but I'm hoping on adding more stuff to it afterwards though...Have a gr8 wkend too Miss Myne, and thanks 4 stopping by.

Kukogho Samson said...

you did well, this is good