Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lost & Found

I honestly was thinking of blogging today, just out of necessity by the way, but I didn't really know what to blog about. Of course, I had ideas, but I didn't wanna go through the process of actually writing....guess what? There had to be something that would spark me up...AND yes, I did find it!

So, a fellow blogger, someone I actually look up to (Myne Whitman)..most of you would know the name. Anyways, she's hit the 500 Follower mark, I believe, (503 at the moment to  be exact) and she's thanking everyone that has in one way or the other supported her. Its an amazing thing, I tell you! 

So, in essence, she wants her followers to write a blog about Lost and Found which is by the way relevant to the theme of her next book A LOVE REKINDLED. So here's me writing on the topic.

What does it really mean to lose something, or someone? I think whatever is lost can always be found....however not in all cases though. There are some things that are lost, and are lost forever. Now, I have to think about things I've lost in my life, and then the next thing is to think to see if I got them back or not. There is something particular that I lost right now (a Rhyme Pad, it contains all my ideas, all my lyrics, visions of projects are fleshed out in this book), and I haven't found it yet, but I have hopes I will.

I've lost the key to my house several times, and I've found them several times...I've lost a dollar or two, and found them in places I did not know they could be...I've lost pens, I've lost my flash drive once or twice, found those things back.... but I feel like that is not substantial enough to write about considering how weighty this topic is/should be. I really don't want to talk about something as trivial as losing these things I've mentioned above (well, except my rhyme pad) Assuming I found it , that would have been what I would have talked about, but I haven't

What to talk about, what to talk about?

I'm really thinking right now. I have an appointment, the person that would pick me up IS actually waiting for me...but I just have to write this. I have to, but my memory is playing tricks on me...Ugh!

Ok, got one...don't really know if it counts, but oh well!

I started writing since a very young age...age 6..and that's as far back as I could remember. I kept writing, and I love it. This was my love, my first love if you may. I had to part with writing however when I was in SS1 (that's the equivalent of 9th grade here in the US)....Oh, a call, gotta go get it...

Oh man! I gotta run now...but I must finish this however.

Anyways, because of my poor grades in Math and Chemistry in specific, I had to let go of writing to focus on my studies, at the direction of my Mother..God Bless her. At first, I thought it was bizarre.. I was not used to not writing. I got enrolled to a private lesson, and the learning was so in depth that I completely forgot about writing for  like about 2 years or so. I did not have time to write, or even think about writing. I was focused on getting good grades...and sure enough I did. I improved...and I was able to pass the SSCE successfully. During that time, the love I had for writing, although still there, was somewhat lost...but as you can see...well I found it back..

Alright, my ride is downstairs. Gotta go now....Ah, I know he's mad, but oh well!


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

so Myne's hit 500? she so talented, she should have hit it since. Make sure u complete your story

Myne Whitman said...

LOL...that is such a quirky way to present the story, loved it. And I'm glad you got your writing mojo back.

Fellow Writer (Ayokunle Falomo) said...

Thanks for reading Sisi Yemmie, && oh yeah, she does deserve it oh.

And Myne, I appreciate you stopping by here as always. Lol, tell me about the quirkiness!

kitkat said...

lol cute story :)
i've also always loved writing since i was a kid. every now and then, i get tired of writing..but i aways find a way of finding my writing mojo lol

Gabriel Ugoala said...

nice story,love the comment more!!!

Fellow Writer (Ayokunle Falomo) said...

Thanks kitkat :) Lovely name by the way... Lol, d'u happen to love kitkats?

Gabriel, glad you stopped by.

RemiRoy said...

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