Thursday, April 28, 2011

E is for Expectations

I have about 6 minutes to write this, before we start a new day. It'll be a short one. Anyways, at the beginning of this semester, I set some goals, I had some expectations - one of which was to make all A's in my classes this semester. Last semester was horrible. Things have been going smoothly so far, and I'm trusting God that his promise that the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut off would be fulfilled in my life. I know I have put in the required effort, and work needed, and little is much when God is in it. God has been ordering my life so far this semester, and good thing I kinda placed everything in his hands. I would love to see the results at the end of the semester, which ends next week. I hope to share with you all some good news.

Right now, I'm mad excited. I did my final exam in one of my classes this morning, and I just found out the results. WOOHOOO! Here are the results from that class, the last Exam (Exam 3) and the previous ones 1 and 2 included.

My Grades

April 28, 2011 Student: Ayokunle Falomo (1016090)

Course: PSYC2301


Section Instructor: Donald Foss

Item Grade Statistics Comments

Exam2: 24 (out of 40)

Exam1: 33 (out of 40)

Exam3: 33 (out of 40)

So, so far so good. I'm expectant of a bright future for me. I already have A in two of the classes, so I don't doubt that God can do it. Alright time up.


NikoDemus said...

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