Sunday, May 8, 2011

G is for Good News/ H is for Happy Mother's Day

The Good news portion of this blog s actually just a poor excuse to write something that begins with G. This shouldn't be long. Good news because yes, School is over for me. Actually it's been over since last week, and I'm just expecting my grades (seen one of them already...It's satsifactory...just waiting for the other ones). In other news, this post is about good news because yes infact the H component of this blog is good news. IT'S MOTHER'S DAY here in the states.

While my Mom is still in Nigeria, I was able to do something that I was glad to do. Of course, I couldn't sent flowers, or anything esle for that matter....I was able to write here a poem (actually it was modified to suit the Mother's day celebration since I had written the poem a while back for here) Anywhoo, that's not even the primary reason why I'm happy. I had to opportunity to do a rendition of the poem at my a tribute first to my mother, and then to other mothers in the Church. I was just glad to share the beauty of this woman that I call Mama to the church. Anyways, I plan to upload the audio later on, but till then, here is the written version of the poem.

I just hope it inspired at my Church...or continues to inspire others to love their Mom as much as I do...and for other Moms to do their jobs well enough [like my Mom does :) ] that their children will be proud to have them as Mothers...

I could go on for ages but I promised it'll be a short one, so here goes:

Beautiful, in fact she's a queen
I call her...
The sun's rival, the way she radiantly beams
I call her...
Rare, what other woman can take her place?
I call her...
The mother of joy, heaven is depicted on here face
I call her...
Blessed! She's the woman in Proverbs 31
I call her...
Compassionate, but yet she disciplines whenever we do wrong
I call her...
Sacrificial, than for us to, she would rather stay hungry
I call her...
An intercessor; her soul aches for all and sundry
Sleepless nights, on her knees; she knows the way to God
She followed and obeyed him; when it was easy and when it was hard
Thank God she instilled the same principle in us
She is my confidante, my friend, she makes me strong
Encouraging words, her mouth is full of
I call her...
Unqualifiable! What adjective can describe this gem?
A jewel of inestimable value, I'm sure Papa couldn't pay the price
For her price is far above rubies
But I'm grateful to God for them
For their union, and the way they carry out their duties
And to Papa, that I'm a product of his loins
And I'm happy today as the whole nation joins
In celebrating this special woman
I call her...

So, how'd you spend your own Mother's day? Share... That's if you're in the states though, but if you're not and Mother's day passed already where you are, Share too.... :)

Till next post....
Auf Wiedersehen,

Ayokunle Falomo, at your service.


P.E.T. Projects said...

This mother's day thingy confuses me.
I was born a catholic hence i celebrated in early March only for Nigerians to celebrate about 2 sundays later, my sis says I was wrong that we're pentecostals now hence their celebration is on point.

Now the Americans have just celebrated theirs all i can say is, I love my mum and I celebrate her everyday, i can t be bother about clashes on the calendar

That was a beautiful poem there!

Fellow Writer said...

I'm not a big fan of choosing particular days to celebrate stuff either...Valentines, Father's Day, Mother's Day....the list goes on. I love your remark, "I Love my mum and I celebrate her everyday"...I feel the same way. Just used the opportunity of the Mother's Day to show off my mum to the whole church, lol...something I might not get to do on a regular sunday. Thanks for stopping by here :)

kitkat said...

Unfortunately i'm not with my mum at the moment so i jst sent her an email :(

Fellow Writer said...

You know, my mom and siblings are not here too either :( I'm lucky my Dad is though...or the loneliness would have killed me. It's good your folks are coming to visit you ain't easy being alone like that.