Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's Restore The Standard

"...Just because the world condones unrighteousness doesn't mean God has lowered his standards..."

That is such a powerful statement to make! But really, what IS the standard? What standards are we talking about here? 

Over the last couple of years, that's if you are on earth though, you'll see that we as a human race are heading towards destruction, and in a very rapid way too. Turn on the news, sounds cliche I know, but please open your eyes, and if you can't see anything alarming, the you're DEAD (in every meaning of that word; PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, and most critically SPIRITUALLY).We are basically pushing ourselves down the cliff. Sad thing is that the ones who can save us from that destruction have taken the position of onlookers. If it is lack of empathy, or just gross wickedness, I would never know. One thing that was pointed out though from this documentary is that if REALLY and TRULY you assume the role of a life-saver (which a Christian is), then you would be really troubled within you that people are perishing. That's the way it works. 

"Could a mariner sit idle, if he heard the drowning cry? Could a doctor sit in comfort, while his patient dies? Can the fireman sit idle, let men burn and give them no hand? Can you sit at ease (in church) and watch the world around you damned?"  These are actually words from Leonard Ravenhill. 

Although we profess to be all of these things to people around us, i.e, a Fireman, A Doctor, A Mariner, and sometimes too it seems as if we do have the qualities of such; i.e the uniform, the degree, and whatever equipment we need. Since I'm paralleling this professions with Christianity, then you should know that the equipment that we parade in this case is The Bible, or even most times our profession does the trick.  We show these things off, and the truth (while it may hurt) is that we really are wicked or maybe in the real sense we are NOT  these things we profess in the first place. "By their fruits you shall know them" , is what the word says. 

We must have a deep burning desire to drag people out of the pill of destruction, but how can we do that if our eyes are not even opened to see the destruction? We enjoy it, we take part in it. Like J-FLO said, and he's not the only one who's saying it either, PERVERSITY has become the norm. God's standards have been lowered. Church in the 21st century is a JOKE! And a big one too, although I'm not laughing, but I know who is, SATAN. That's what he loves, that's what he wants. It's sad, I mean really really SAD.

I watched the video around 6 am today. It was actually what I used for my devotion, and I thank God because it strengthened, it inspired, it encouraged, it made me do some reconsideration concerning some aspirations, it gave me an increased drive for those things I wanted to do. And it also came at the right time too!

What with the backdrop of John Piper's preaching. I just recognize that voice, it's a voice that is filled with so much pain, agony, concern and sorrow for humanity that you can't just shake it off. It's haunting! In a good way though. Christians all over the world, Young and Old share in this pain.

Concerning the video, it was well documented, well researched, and well presented. I have no regrets, I have no complaints. The videography was nice,  editing, and sound was OK;  no distractions, and no part of the video seemed out of place. Overall, the presentation as a whole was on point. Another issue I would like to talk about is the relevancy of the documentary. This is not just some video about some issues that we can't  identify with. It touches on issues that are so common in this age. People are hurting all over the world, in need of love, in need of comfort, in need of someone to show them they are of worth. In need of someone to show them that they are loved. Just to show you the power of influence, following the gang analogy from the documentary:

These are Lyrics from Lecrae's JUST LIKE YOU:
"So now I'm looking at the media and I'm following what they feed me,
Rap stars, trap stars,
Whoever wants to lead me
Even though they lie they still tell me that they love me,
They say I'm good at bad things at least they proud of me

And guess who is at the main core of the predicament? The youths! Youths are easily impressed, especially youths that have no one to show them the right way. Due to this whoever supports them, no matter how bad what they're doing is, they respect, and look up to that person. And these youths are supposed to be the foundations of our future generations! I remember a bible verse, "If the foundation be destroyed, what will we (the righteous) do?"

It's terrible! Don't underestimate the craftiness of the enemy, because he knows what he is doing! And he is ever ready to do the work we should be doing, which is affecting generations. Satan's plan is twisted, mind you, because he is not interested in affecting generations for the positive. But we have to fight back, we can't sit back or be indifferent.

In the words of Jerry Flowers (J-FLO), "If the word is pushing and promoting sin, we should be pushing and promoting righteousness". Are you ready for the task? Get up, and let's go restore the standard.

Share the video, it's the best thing you could do for your life.


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

its time for us christians to take up the mandate andhelp save lives...the rate at which the world is heading for destruction is sooooo fast! If only we could emphasize on salvation as much as the world emphasizes worldy things

RemiRoy said...

We're all guilty. We're hiding away when we're supposed to be shouting it on the roof tops. God help us. His Grace is sufficient!

P.E.T. Projects said...

Sadly, we seem to be losing our hold on what is true and what is right. We're easily swayed by the tides of worldliness and conformity. Hopefully, we will retrace our steps back to the cross and once again uphold the banner of righteousness in our everyday life.

Fellow Writer (Ayokunle Falomo) said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. Like P.E.T said, "Hopefully, we will retrace our steps back to the cross and once again uphold the banner of righteousness in our everyday life."