Friday, April 8, 2011

A is for AHH ---- Sigh of Relief....For Now.

This is going to be a loooong one folks. I'm too GASSED. <----- means extremely happy. My head is over the clouds right now, lol.

If you were in my shoes (hopefully it fits you), then you would understand why I'm having a sigh of relief right now. I'm sighing, not totally, but at least it's necessary for the moment.
Well, school has been really really crazy, especially since Spring Break. Everything is moving super duper fast; and several catching up needs to be done. I'm actually happy with where I am in this stage of my life right now. If you remember the post I wrote about last year, last year was bleh. I recall saying it was full of so many downs than ups...and that's even to be honest, if I can remember any ups. But then again, from previous posts, you should be able to like get a sense of where I'm at emotionally, concerning this year. I've had several experiences that have proved, that God is not finished with me. (WOW ---Just remembered one of my fav. song. Brandon Heath - Wait and See. Too bad I can't play it now...In the library)....

Anyways, continuing....This year has been splendid so far..I shared with you the experiences I had with  the Leadership Institute I went to on February (I updated the post to include my Leadership Philosophy) ...Even now, so many other things have happened that I just can't help but wonder, after after that, just thank God. God seriously does have a way of working things out when everything seems hopeless. I can assure you that. So, apart from getting decent grades this semester, I feel good! (Lol Another song? Para para gooood, so goooood.) I feel good emotionally, physically, and importantly spiritually. There is still more to be attained though, but at this rate, I can't complain. 

Decent grades apart, I have found joy in what it entails to actually be a student...or at least what it means to go to school. Many student  don't avail themselves the opportunity of having an overall education. Education is not only limited to the classroom, but it depends on your overall integration into the environment you call school. This semester, I have attended several seminars, have participated in several programs. One of which I will tell you about later. We usually rid ourselves of the opportunities that can come out of being an overall student.

So, back to the Leadership Institute. Remembered I told you I almost did not go for that program, but then again, I look back and see the way things have progressed or turned out, and I realized it took a master planning, one I could not have envisioned. I really can't stress that enough. I think God loves me...really! I'm glad for the fact he let me know it and doesn't keep that a secret from me too. Like I said, I met some awesome people at the Leadership Institute.

Guess what happened, on the 26th of last month, I was invited to this event called the BAUER MBA GLOBAL EXPERIENCE 2011. It was a showcase of different cultures from around the world. I came in contact with countries I've heard of, and also countries I never knew existed. I learned some really new things about countries I thought I knew....and learned things from countries I did not know. I was able to find joy in the diversities of these countries, as well as similarities. I compare them to my country, and at the core, one theme is being reiterated over and over again...which is the importance of family. Gives me insight to the fact that we are all just humans, after all, same language, race, beliefs, or not. This was an awesome experience for me.

I was actually invited to this program by one of my friends from the Leadership Institute, so you see why I say God loves me now? If I had not gone, then there is absolutely no way I could have gone for this program. And that's not even the grandest thing. I did not JUST go to the program, I actually got the chance to PERFORM one of my poems (as I have always dreamed of- read the post on Effects of Culture Part 1 ) as a way of showcasing Africa. The poem is about the rooster call.

CLICK HERE for the link to the words from the poem, Below is the AUDIO that  I recorded with my phone. Enjoy.

  Rooster Call by ae.WHY.oh

Honestly, I delivered it, and although I do believe the conditions might not be favorable or whatever, I'm glad I actually got the chance to do it. It's an experience. I wore a dashiki, as you would assume, since this is an African piece, and sure enough, I was so glad....well, I felt like an African Prince. (I AM, well, no just kidding!) But you can't blame me for thinking I was though, now can you? I finished the poem, and guess what, I thought I was done, but then again God said....."I'm not finished here son" You won't believe what happened!

So, I was ready to part with my friend, a cup of iced tea in my hand, I'm waiting, as she's taking pictures with her friends. A woman, probably in her 40s or late 30s, walks up to me:

"Are you the poet that did the Rooster?" I smiled, quickly swallowed the tea I had in my mouth. "Yes", I replied her. "That was a lovely poem, I loved it", she said. "Thank you" Next words she said, I never would believe.
"Can I have your autograph?"
My reaction, as you would expect (you can't blame me) was to burst out laughing. Is this a joke or what? Trust me, it was very very funny, I had to admit. "My autograph?", I questioned. "Yes", she said, in a manner that I was able to figure out that she was actually serious.

I chuckled, "My autograph!" I couldn't believe those words. Till now, I still can't.

"Yeah, I have a son who writes poems, and when he saw your name on the program..." - They obviously had my name on the program before the day of the event. "....he told me to get him an autograph. He couldn't make it cos he has a game today."

"Wow", that was all I could say. She even said she was going to frame it! Man, now I felt like an African King, not a Prince anymore, NO...and  no one can tell me any different. I simply wrote to (name of son), with a from me added. We chatted some more, she asked where I was from, I told her, she said her husband's from Ghana, I said we're basically brothers and sisters. We chatted some more, she tried to pronounce my full name, we had a few laughs...I gave her the easier one, AYO...and she pronounced it well.
She could not hear all the words because there was too much noise in the area the event took place, so I promised to email her a copy of the poem, as well as the audio file...which I did.

This STOOD OUT particularly to me. Earlie before that, few people came to meet me, and commented on how powerful, or other positive comments on the poem, and it just makes my head swell, honestly. One of the organizers actually came to me to apologize, she was very angry because there was too much noise, the mic was not loud enough. She was really furious, like it showed on her face. She said she was really sorry, and she actually almost felt responsible, claiming maybe she should have controlled the crowd better or something of that sort. I assured her it was fine, nothing was her fault.

Another guy came to me and said "that was a powerful poem, but it's a shame all that noise and distraction. But it was well done". I blushed ---- Lol, do black people? Well I did.

Before I left, I went to say goodbye to someone I had met, and what she said was, "Next year, we'll surely have a better sound system". I felt really appreciated. I could keep going, and trust me, there are still more experiences that I will be sharing in the next few blogs. ( I promise to talk about Spring Break) Watch out. And also, I'll keep you guys updated on the progress I'm making this year as it progresses. 

Peace In (not out) ...Till the next post. 


Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

i love the poem

Fellow Writer (Ayokunle Falomo) said...

I'm glad you do Sisi Yemmie. Thanks :)