Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fear vs Respect

I do believe just because someone fears (terrified by you) you doesn't mean they fear (respect out of awe) you. The word fear can be sometimes used in a confusing way almost.

This would be a rant so pardon me if it sounds like Jargon. I think many people think respect means when I appear, everybody has to be silent, and I"ll tell you that's nothing. If nothing at all, people hate when you come around, cos that's when you are stopping them from having a good time (which most of the time is needful). People respect you on the other hand when they do agree with your wishes or commands, without you having to raise your voice than you normally should or without you having to put an element of fear in "I am this, so you have to respect me"...No, put yourself in a position where people can respect you first...and if you feel like you are not being respected well enough, then correct (with love), not trying to DEMAND the respect.

Was having a discussion with a friend just minutes ago about this issue...Would love to hear what you think on this: Let me paint the scenario.

A little boy, probably around 6 or so was playing with another friend of mine...He was hyped (he's a little kid, and actually there were sugar coated cookies that we were eating < that could possibly be just another factor) Well anyways, he was playing with my friend, they were smacking each other's butt... Yeah, I know! I said something about it too, lol. So yeah, little boy wanted to smack more butts, he came over to me and asked if he could smack my butt, I said "yeah, go ahead", playfully, and he was about to do it, but then I told him NO, so he ran away and moved over to this other friend of mine. His response: "I know you don't know me, but you DON'T talk to me like that." I was like, are you serious? And then he said the little kid was being disrespectful. I personally don't agree with that which I plainly said, because it was an atmosphere that would sorta allow that situation in the first place, a friendly, fun atmosphere. But he relentled and said, he knew who he was and that where he comes from, kids have to respect elders, and they have to be taught, if they have no home training! Principles are good, and I do respect him for that, but then is there EVER a point where we go too far? Let's hear it.


RemiRoy said...

Hmm, totally feel you on the Fear and Respect bit. You put yourself in a position to be respected. It is earned.

Trust you good.

aeWHYoh: Fellow Writer said...

Hey Remi, I've been good. Glad u got the message I sent (u did right?, lol)Will stop by ur blog in a while!

Anonymous said...

INdeed! respect is not fear & fear is not MUST earn his/her respect, but fear is instilled by force...thanks for coming over to my blog bros :)