Tuesday, May 17, 2011

J is for Jahaziel - #Still Livin'

The Mixtape starts with a Worship Rap/Grime if I could say:

The hook:

“Our God is an awesome God, he reigns

From heaven above, in wisdom, power and love

Our God is an awesome God”

Yeah it’s the worship song :)

Jahaziel states his mission plainly here “…I’m running with the king who’s pulling my strings like a violin…Get with this God who sets us apart, separated from the depths of the dark, that’s why it’s hard to find my album on the secular charts…”

Next track “I’m Alive” features G Kid (due can sing, Hmm!) where Jahaziel reiterates his mission. Basically he was born to minister the gospel. He was dead, but now, he’s alive for that sole purpose!

In case you still haven’t gotten it by now, the next song comes up “What I do”.

“Let me take a minute and set it straight” My music is not only to be seen as inspirational, or positive, or motivational. Jahaziel says this is the type of music that leads people to the cross. It’s GOSPEL! Mali Music (Whoo, another dude that can SANG!) He says Gospel music is what I do….My gifts are used for him…and even though you might not like it (the truth I’m speaking), I’ll try not to get offended when you try to bash what I’m representing. Jahaziel says he should be considered a rapper, but a revolutionist for the one who died on the crucifix. You thought you knew right? And if you didn’t, well, now you know! I love this song…..It’s been on repeat for me. I love the skit at the end too about Michael Jackson (Download the mixtape to hear) or better yet listen below, it’s worth a listen.....

Next is A reggae vibe titled “Deliver Me Pt 2” featuring Bobby Bovell and Gems where they (Jahaziel and Gems; Bobby does the hook) recount the countless things they’ve done that God has delivered them from (15, they stole cars…leaving girls with broke hearts) Living in dangerous environments, Jahaziel laments I didn’t wanna die yet (diet) like eating low carbs…but now for Jesus, like food in the freezer we go hard. That’s wordplay/metaphor for you! Gems also testifies that from a life a crack, cigarette, murder scenes, dirty dreams and a life of doing times, and crimes, God saved his soul, and thank God it was through Grace alone. Amen!

“Back Now” is Grime at its best. Who better than A Star and Favor to feature on the track! You have to trust that they’ll bless it with the best bars. Honest barz are what I always expect from these two. Especially Favor…man, he’s so transparent. “I’m back now, and I ain’t going back down, I’m breaking outta my background…” It’s a devotion from the soldiers to never stop declaring the truth, although it ain’t easy sometimes. Jahaziel doesn’t disappoint too. He declares “I’m talking it brave; God’s word stays black and white, some guys are talking in grey…They’re supporting abortion and gays, They think fornication and porn is okay. Won’t say Jesus or call on his name….” Yeah, BOLD.

I’ll stop the review with the last track. The whole mixtape contains 18 tracks, and as much as I would like to say something about the other songs on there, I won’t be able to. Check the mixtape out. It’s clear and plain Gospel message. Simple and Straight!

So the last track is a remix of “I’m Alive” He calls on Da Truth and The Ambassador to help him out on this one. This track is Fiyah! Jahaziel’s “Broken” single that he released not long before the mixtape gives an idea of what the track is about. Also if you know about Da Truth and The Ambassador, then you will better understand what the track is about. This is a track about three men who minister the Gospel who fell at a point but they’ve been pulled back up…Thank God for his grace, they’re alive.

Just listen for yourself…MAD!! Man Da Truth was CRAAAZY!

Take a listen at Jahaziel’s Broken as well. He pours his heart out on his shortcomings on this one:

Visit him at and also to download the mixtape visit