Thursday, August 25, 2011

Xperience(s) - Summer 11

This has got to be the most rewarding (and challenging) period in my life. A lot of things happened that enabled me to improve myself in every sphere of life. I was on the go (which is not always a bad thing), as this gave me the opportunity to grow, and understand life and purpose a little bit better. Life is good, that statement is true...and what I've been able to learn is that the goodness of life is not always in the times when I'm smiling, but even holding on to that statement even when I'm not smiling. God has been great! I can't express that enough!

The summer was very busy, due to the fact that I had to attend many programs, while at the same time taking three classes (One in Summer One, Two in Summer Two - yeah, I added the boldness, and italics because they rhymed, lol) which I had to study for. I passed the class with satisfaction.

I had the chance to go to New York (Bronx) for my church's National Convention, I had the chance to travel to Dallas with people I've come to accept as part of my extended family (brothers and sisters, in Christian terms). It was mad fun! I enjoyed every bit of it....It stressed the importance of always getting work done. Ironically (or maybe not), the crew is aptly title The Workshop Crew - in connection to broChosen's Album title named The Workshop (consisting of Two Sessions/CDs).

The crew basically consists of people who act, dance, and organize, maintain (and other technical stuff) going around every place they are needed for a show that is acted out accordingly to some of the tracks on the album. Also, last week just before school started, my church conducted a Back-To-School sorta program, which I was part of its planning, and execution. All in all, it was a wonderful experience, although to say the least, it left me drained at some point (physically, emotionally, and psychologically). Quite paradoxically, this was the moment I've felt the most replenished spiritually. Or rather, it was the moment where it all started....

I'm not really a picture guy, and also I'm too lazy to post the limited pictures that were taken. I wished I cared much more than I do about things like these! They're for the sake of keeping memories, Ayo!