Monday, September 12, 2011

It's my Birthday, It's my Birthday, It's my Birthday

"Yeah, it's that time of  the year,
Time for celebration, all cheers..."

So yeah, it's my birthday! And I'm really really really grateful of the fact that I'm alive to celebrate it. It's been awesome! Learned so many things along the way, a lotta readjustments in preparation for the next step hopefully that God wants to take me.

For me, the whole idea of growing up is very interesting...

Ironically, Church yesterday challenged us on the need to grow up. Three important aspects of growth were enumerated; which are: Physical,  Mental (emotional) and Spiritual. Christ was exemplified! We took a look at the book of Luke (pardon the pun, lol) and how it showed the progression of the growth of Christ. From a baby in swaddling cloth (Luke 2:7) to an eight day old baby (Luke 2:21), to a twelve year old (Luke 2:42) to a 30 year old (Luke 3:23). His progression was not just in the physical, we learned. At twelve, his mental growth was astounding; how (even though he was God) he showed us an example which we as humans (while we are looking at his humane side) can look up to and emulate. He was asking the Doctors and Teachers of the Law questions, and reasoning with twelve.

The overall verses that were put into consideration for this breaking into three parts was Luke 2:40, and Luke 2:52.

Another main point was the fact that growing up does come with some responsibilities...Ugh! Sacrifices have to be made, and some fantasies need to be let go of (meaning that no dreams of saving the world in my undies for me). Grow up, lol! Tough, since I'm always singing the Toy R US theme song ( I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toy R US kid). But anyways, that's just fantasy. Now I realize that "I'm getting old, so I (have to) let the bed-wetting go". Time for mature decisions, as admonished in 1st Corinthians 13:11. That doesn't mean I still can't enjoy life and have fun though, and be goofy! (Thank God, ah), but it should not be at the expense of reality/responsibility.

So anyways, what am I going to do for my birthday?  Well, don't really know...since I'm a pretty boring person, lol. My idea of fun is eating Skittles, and just...yeah! I have no idea what fun is...But anyways, I tried to make this fun. And trust me, it's been fun so far. Been privileged to share a couple laughs with people that wished me a Happy Birthday so far...and it's been awesome! The day started on a roller coaster ride of a bunch of unexpectedness. It's pretty weird! And surprising....and miraculous. And I love it. I wish it was my birthday more often, lol. But that's just a let me blow the candle out to it....phooo...

Wish granted?

Moving on....

So yeah, I made myself a song for my birthday..isn't that awesome? I think it is! So, listen to the song below, and enjoy. Celebrate this wonderful day with me...while it is yet TODAY.

  September 12 by aeWHYoh 

It's my birthday, It's my Birthday, It's my Birthday.....