Thursday, September 22, 2011

Military Ballistics (A Poem)

This is the day that the Lord has made
Let us rejoice and be glad in it, they prayed
Gathered here today are the folks celebrating,
And folks who are being celebrated
And witnesses to the thing that was once deliberated
The folks who are hated,
And the ones doing the hating were all there
But no hate in here, today
Cos all cheer..for her, the maiden
So much bustle
It's evening time, and now she's tired
She gets back to her room, and lays on her bed
In a few minutes, it'll be history in the making
Or maybe we should say a movie in the making
Like Lights, Camera, Action
And guess what the genre of this movie is? Action!
Outside is a Military Soldier peeping through the doorway
His name isn't Tom though

He's standing at attention, with his hat on
He's bold and ready, for his gun to fire
Ready to break through the barrier, the wall
First attempt - No way! He can't go in
"Maybe I'll try again,
This time tactfully", he thought to himself
And he tries again, still no way!
Entrance denied
He roams about the hallway
"Just let me approach the doorway, without thinking"
And maybe I'll gain access
And he eventually does
He immediately fires
Slowly at first, then with reckless abandon
On the receiving end of the gun is the poor frail maiden
Piercing her skin, which made the blood flow
But no, he won't
Cos the thrill
Of the bullets spewing out of the gun, he can't abandon
She cries and wails...this is serious, no playing
He pacifies her, saying
"I never meant to hurt you
Let's clean up the mess,
But lest
I forget
Let me commend you for your virtue"
Now he's calm, relaxed
His weapon  lying useless, limp
Maybe he'll pick it up again, who knows?
And she lays there, lifeless
However, the pain doesn't make her life less, than it was before
Such a mess
But in fact, it adds life to her all the more
Such a bless-ing in disguise
A new life starts, on his bloody night