Thursday, September 22, 2011


So, this happened yesterday as I was returning from school.

Recently, I determined I was going to DECIDEDLY start talking to Homeless people (or people who I feel like are at a disadvantage than I am); not just the ones I bump across. I was gonna go to them and start conversation with them.

So if you know me, Naturally I don't speak to people...I'm not antisocial but I just find it kinda hard to start a conversation with strangers. When I do however, there is no stopping me.

So anyways, I am a sheltered kid, right? And plus I'm a Christian too. So that means usually that everyone who is different from me tends to be ignored, and looked down against :( CAN I GET AN AMEN? No seriously though, it's pitiful, and I disdain it with all of my heart! I've had that disdain since I was 6! I always separated myself from the in-group and hanged out with the losers (well, apart from the fact that I was and  is considered one too, lol) But anyways, I find it as a means of  repressing whatever pride was and still is in me to hang out with folks like that...and plus I'm on a mission to being more and more like Christ! He hung out with the worst folks EVER you know? (well at least that's the Pharisees considered them).

So yeah, I decided to stop by a group of homeless folks yesterday. I stopped to say hello, and conversation started. It was awkward though. One of the dudes was like, Do they have boyfriends in Africa too? First reaction was, huh? Do they have boyfriends in Africa too?, he stated again (He's gay, just so you know!) I was like Uhm, it's a worldwide issue (tongue-tied, not knowing how to respond). I attempted to switch the topic. How did you know I was from Africa? He replied, the way you talked. Either Africa, or of em. He said he watched it on the Historic Channel or something how folks in some parts of Africa have wives but have boyfriends on the down-low. SO they asked me what part of Africa I was from....and so I told them I was from Nigeria.  He was like "oh yeah that's why"

So, you have a VISA  and are you gonna go back to your country?
Yeah, I'm a Permanent Resident, I replied.
Oh, so you gon' stay here!
I said maybe. 

What are you studying?
Psychology, I responded.
OOOOOOOOOOOH (Almost all of them exclaimed) Maybe it's the way I said Psychology that fascinated them, I'll never know, lol. 
But the dude was like, "So are you like trying to pick my brain right now. Trying to figure out what's going on in there."
(Reminding myself that dude is gay) I was like, Hmm Not really!

So I continued conversation with this older lady. She said Hello very cheerfully the first time I walked by there to go get some chips, just in case I walked by again, and they asked me for something to eat or something. I decided to talk to her this time, and acknowledge her for greeting me.

What do you do on your free time?
So, you have a child?
You have a wife?
You have a girl friend?
Condoms work, you know?
Hmm, yeah they do...

And, after saying that...I made my way out of there. 
Do have a good day Ma'am. And I was on my way away from them. 

So yeah, what that was about I still have no idea? I called one of my friends afterwards to relate my experience, and she said she was trying to hit on me. SHIVERS through my body! 

But anyways, my mission to be like Christ is not yet complete, and I'll do it again.

My friend told me to pray for Wisdom though, so yeah! Next time, I know what to expect. Although in a way I kinda do regret not being able to share the gospel, I at least must start from somewhere. And so it begins....