Thursday, March 8, 2012


So, yeah.

This week has been ominous for me, partly because of the death of someone very close to me. I still don't know how to take it, still in denial I guess. Add that to a eery sense of blur between reality and unreality (if that is a word) I've been having for the whole week. In a super dreamy state, I tell you.

I'm sure we all have instances where we attribute superstitious meaning to various event that happen to us. Oh, that was God's way of getting my attention...even if it is not. As humans, we are predisposed to attributing causal agents to events, even when in reality it might not be. I'm not one for attributing events to mere randomness or chance, but there is definitely no doubt that they do occur.

"If only he has stayed here, he would not have died....If only this, If only that!" That's mostly what I've been hearing since Tuesday...however I'm more of a "Death is inevitable" kind of person.

Tuesday before I heard the news, I was very uneasy (although I couldn't quite explain why) I was supposed to write this paper, but I felt really uncomfortable and just couldn't get myself to write it. Naturally, without any hesitation my initial reaction was to attribute my uneasiness/the strange feeling I had to a kind of "knowing" especially now that I have the news of the death. But in hindsight and if I was to be maybe because I was just plain lazy and tired especially since I was also having a terrible headache. However, the skeptical part of me wants me to see the practical reality based side of things (and has proofs for them), while the superstitious side does as well.

So, a messenger from God alright! I met one tonight.

I was waiting for the bus, and this lady asked me if I had a phone...My battery being dead, I simply told her my phone is dead!

Her: That's gotta be a bummer
Me: It sure is!
Her: I'm stranded, need to make a call.
Me: Oh, that sucks!

Her next question, which is not a surprise to me anymore, and I'm actually quite expectant of it whenever I open my mouth to speak:

Her: Where are you from?
Me: Nigeria
Her: Oh that's cool. I know someone from Nigeria. Used to go to this church called ____. Do you know the church?
Me: Uhm, no never heard of it!

By this time, she moved closer to me.

Her: It's this woman, she drives a big van, and blah blah. Do you know her?
Me: (Yeah, of course I know her! I am supposed to know every single one of the thousands of Nigerian in Houston, just because I'm one) Oh no, I don't. Where is the church located at?
Her: By Westpark .
Me: (Me trying to see if I know any church in that area) Uhm, no never heard of it.


Her: Do you know you are a prophet?

I burst out laughing a little bit. "How did you know?", I ask.

Her: How long have you been one?
Mishearing her, I thought she said WARN. So I asked, Warned? She repeated herself. "How long have you been a prophet?" I replied her, "I am not a prophet"

The next couple thing she said was interesting....which is mainly what made me write about this.

Her: The Lord told me you were going to respond that way. He said I should tell you, It's me Jesus. I'm here. (She started waving) I'm right here, like hello can't you see me?

And then my bus came. ( I was smiling - thinking at this point, I can choose to accept it as an of God in drawing my attention more to Himself, which is needed; or just some random occurrence)

I said, "My bus is here". Lucky you, she said. I am broke, and stranded.

Interestingly, the typical person you would expect to be a "messenger" from God is usually always a mentally retarded drunk homeless woman with most of her tooth knocked out, however this lady was beautiful. I mean, she really was.

But was she really a messenger from God...And am I a prophet? That is still up for further clarification. Just like the death of my very very close friend, I still don't know how to take this.


@ilola said...

Hmmm, I don't really know what to say o.
One thing I know is that God is not an author of confusion. He will confirm His word to you sometime soon.

Sorry about your loss

aeWHYoh said...

Yeah, @ilola.

And thanks :)

Myne Whitman said...

Sorry about your loss too, and I hope you find confirmation on the message.

aeWHYoh said...

Thanks Myne :)