Thursday, March 1, 2012


So, I guess the people at church haven't been lying to me after all!!!

What happened?

Yesterday after church, my Dad and I decided to stop by the Food store to get some, duh foodstuff lol. But anyways, amidst my boredom and a certain kind of impulsiveness I have, I started to sing. The beautiful instrumental break that was playing over the store's speakers encouraged me to continue to sing. I was actually lost in my own world that I completely forgot I was actually singing. Gratefully one of the few moments I am not overly self-conscious. (I wish it happens more!) "Man I promise, I'm so self conscious" *Kanye voice*

Anyways what happened was this lady walked to the aisle where I was standing, while waiting for my Dad who is checking out what brand of honey to buy.

She walked by and thinking it was my Dad singing, she was like "That was so beautiful. That sounded really good!". I could see the expression on my Dad's face like "What the heck are you talking about?" It was slightly humorous for a second, and I felt a little bit bad for the lady as well. The look on my Dad's face was snobbish and somewhat condescending, in contrast to the exhilaration and elation expressed on the face of this woman.

She kept walking, and still delighted on what she heard, kept saying "That sounded really good"

And as she walked by, obviously my Dad still confused, she was like "That sounded really good...WHOEVER it was" Possibly trying to defend herself from my Dad's look, which is still funny to me, she said "I heard a voice from this aisle and it was beautiful. One of you guys must have been singing" (And she's right, since it was only myself and my Dad on the aisle)

I exchanged pleasantries with her to maybe reduce the awkwardness, at this point I was kind of laughing at the whole situation. I thanked her...and she walked by, the words still in her mouth.

So maybe the compliments I've been receiving from folks in the church have some element of truth after all. I just assumed that church people are typically "nice, don't want to discourage-or-be mean to people-by telling them they suck" and usually don't tend to be the best of realists....

Well, you get the point. My theory was that it's because there are not that many people in my church choir, that's why they usually appoint me to sing the Solos most of the time, and the congregation usually clap because of social convention so as not to be rude.

Personally, I have a major issue accepting compliments overall...but I guess it's no lie that I can sing after all.

So, here comes the next King of Pop. (Dreamer much, eh?) But hey, what's living without dreams eh?

When I say church people are nice, here's an extreme example of what I mean by the way. You'll enjoy this video I promise, lol.


Nollywood REinvented said...

OMG I hate word verifications but I'll still publish the comment :P matter how nice church people have to be, you can still tell when they're lying via tonalities. Right?

@ilola said...

So, now that you know they are not lying, what are we gonna do with this great talent of yours?