Sunday, May 15, 2011

I is for Interesting

So, blogger has been having issues..BOO HOO. Anyways, I got a new post (new in the sense that I didn't even intend to write just happened today, and I just had to write about it)

Isn't it quite interesting the way God actually works? Well for me it is. I guess it's true what that bible verse says, "God works in mysterious ways"...Ahaha, you know up until recently, I thought that phrase what actually in the bible too? Truth is it's not. While it might be somewhat true of the nature of God to some degree, the bible does not contain that EXACT statement, maybe in order ways or forms though...

Anyways, God does work in mysterious ways. He makes attempt to speak to his creations, but most of the time, we seem to neglect it. For these past couple of months or so, I've had series of experiences where I can I have fully ascertained that God is real...way realer that we want to imagine. No, I don't mean real in terms of he existing/ or there..but real in the sense that he is not just there, but that he does interact with us; and we can feel, hear, him. 

Pride is not quite something that is addressed in terms of  lower level issues. Subtle pride (the one you might not realize is there) is still very much important to deal with.How do we know this? Well, the Holy Spirit doesn't just hang around. He's around for reasons like this. He makes us conscious of the things God approves of...and even the littlest of things get checked....yeah, the things friends will call you ridiculous for :)

So, yeah...

I had a discussion (I don't know if it was actually a discussion, lol...cos I was trying to make my wasn't quite an argument either...somewhere in between, say an argucussion? or discugument? Your choice). Anyways, there are some level of truth in what he's telling me about...and there are aspects I don't agree with either...That's not necessarily a bad thing...but I think I was missing out on the WHOLE point of what he what trying to point out. I already made up my mind that it was not something I really had to worry about, and my Dad kindly reminded me it was my choice. < For some reason, that statement is just.... (SHHHH!) But anyways, it is what it is...My Dad hinted on something about thinking I know more...but I honestly was just giving my opinion...which later on I kinda found out could be a sense of pride on my part actually. TOUGH!

Next thing that I happened is I logged in to this Program at my church via the phone. The topic we were to discuss centered primarily on what I discussed with my Dad. Come and see how wrong I was. My opinion which I kinda exalted now seemed flawed to me. If that isn't God, I don't know what, or who is. See, the ones he loves and has chosen, he doesn't quite leave them alone until they get it..key is not to play the fool and neglect him...but to rather submit. It's gonna be tough, but he's grace is sufficient. Simple things (and trust me it's very very very very would even laugh at me if I told you what it is, but I spare you, lol) really do count..and they do matter a lot. 


Till next post...

N.B By the way, if you've noticed, I made some revisions to the look on the blog. I changed the address too the link (if you do) you have on your pages that link to this site...remember it says WRITER'S SPACE before? So yeah, it won't link directly anymore...Thank you guys :) Mwah!