Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make a U-Turn (180 Degrees)

I just watched a documentary by Ray Comfort few minutes ago, and I just thought I should share it.

It begins with the question "Have you heard of Adolf Hitler?"

Who hasn't, right?

That's what I thought too, but the people's responses were shocking. Unbelievable. People seemed to have forgotten already, or probably have never heard of him actually....

"Those who forget about History are destined to repeat it...."

Who is Adolf Hitler?

- Uhm
- I really don't know...
- What he like a German?
- Wasn't he that guy with a mustache...
- Adolf Hitler is the most famous criminal in the world

So, Adolf Hitler, good guy or bad guy?

- Good guy!
- Good guy for killing the Jews?
- It never happened...
- The Holocaust never happened? Then, who killed the Jews?

Asuuming you knew what he was going to do... and you could go back thirty years earlier, and Adolf Hitler's Mother was pregnant with him. You had one shot. Would you kill her in order to kill him?

Yes...Her, Him, and all his relatives....

Do you value human life? So, how do you feel about abortion?

- Uhm
- Hesitation.
- That's a trickier subject...

It's okay to kill a baby in the womb, when? When does it become a baby?

Tell me a reason for killing a baby in the womb...

Why would you kill a baby for the crime of the Father? Which is worse? Murder or Rape?

Abortion is just a legal Holocaust sanctioned by the government. 

Give me one reason or situation where you an go "there we go" that is justifiable for killing a baby in the womb....

The documentary moved on to the issue of Morality and being good. 

Are you a good person?
- Sure.
- Absolutely
- Yes.
- To some degree...

Have you ever stolen, lied, lusted at a woman/man in your heart, used God's name in vain? 
- Yes!

So, according to your own admission, you've broken like 4 out of God's 10 commandments already, right?
- Yes!

So, where do you go? Heaven or Hell?

- I don't believe there is judgment or a place like Hell....
- So, Hitler goes to Heaven too?
- Oh no...He's in Hell!


On a Final Note, the documentary ends with the admonition:


Your thoughts?


P.E.T. Projects said...

My thoughts: people forget easily, an example is Nigerians and our political history. We've forgotton what some of these leaders have brought upon this nation hence some people are willing to vote/rig them back into power in exchange for a few naira notes or rice/beans etc. On the flip side, others are just ignorant!

Abortion is murder whether for babies conceived thru carelessness or rape... IMO, there's no justification for it.

As regards eternity, only God is allowed to judge, the villest of sinners may have repented before his/her death and make thus make heaven, instead of judging/condemning we're better off watching over our own life.

BaldBlackBoy said...

Need to watch this documenatary

aeWHYoh said...

@PET, I think in the case of a country like Nigeria, it's not so much that we've forgotten what some of these leaders did, it's just because of greed, like you said in exchange for a few Naira notes. We are willing to forget because of that. For some reason, there are still some who would say the Holocaust never happened. Great admonition though: "we're better off watching over our own life". Thanks for stopping by.

Hey Bald Black Boy, I think you should watch it, lol. Thanks for stopping by here.

CHULALA said...

great n post i loved every word

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chulala, thanks for stopping by and loving every word. Share if you wouldn't mind :)

@ilola said...

Looll, very tricky indeed. I am not for abortion sha.

I wonder how come your old posts are showing up on my recent blog updates